Endless opportunities through telecom connectivity


Supporting a more connected future

Awarded license by BTRC in 2018 to build & operate tower infrastructures nationally.

Number of towers

4500+ towers connecting the entire country with mobile communication.

Sustainable Business

Our mission is to foster a more promising future through sustainable business.


Our society, our industries and how people and things interact with each other are undergoing a great shift towards digital. Summit Towers Limited (STL) offers a wide range of telecom solutions where connectivity plays a key role by enabling the digital transformation in the scenarios where we live, work and entertain.


We are working on the advanced technology of providing 5G capable tower solutions with optimized and cost-effective power equipment. We are continuously developing security sensors to meet the target of implementing effective and highly efficient automated security systems to protect the assets of STL and its customers.

Our purpose

Summit Towers Ltd is a tower company specializing in the ownership, construction, and management of telecommunication towers. Our primary purpose is to provide a shared infrastructure solution for MNO’s, allowing them to efficiently deploy and expand their networks without the need for individual tower construction and maintenance.


STL is committed to deploying modern, energy-efficient technologies across our tower infrastructure. By optimizing efficient energy solution, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a sustainable future for the telecommunications industry.

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