Tower infrastructure technology


Operating as a neutral host, we enhance efficiency by developing multi-operator-enabled sites with efficient power and electronics management, thereby bringing efficiency for our clients and promoting sustainability.

Our commitment to rapid deployment ensures that services are delivered promptly, meeting the expectations of all stakeholders and optimizing time to market.

Our Technology Commitment

End-to-end solutions managed 24×7 through our Network Operation Centre guaranteeing very high levels of availability.

As a part of the green and sustainable energy initiative, we have taken an active step in implementing solar energy, harnessing renewable resources, reducing the depletion of finite energy sources, and promoting a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

We believe in the incorporation of the newest technologies and thus we continuously research modern power storage practices and the latest automated security sensors.

We are working on the advanced technology of providing 5G capable tower solutions with optimized and cost-effective power equipment. We are continuously developing security sensors to meet the target of implementing effective and highly efficient automated security systems to protect the assets of STL and its customers.

From our inception we have been using Li-ion batteries which was already considered to be highly advanced & environment friendly compared to the VRLA batteries. Currently, we are exploring Sodium-ion batteries which could be a compelling alternative to Li-ion batteries due to their cost-effectiveness, abundant resource availability, and potentially lower environmental impact.

End-to-end solutions managed 24×7 through our Network Operation Centre guaranteeing very high levels of availability.

A good pacification is a key element for mission critical networks. Cellnex know-how when designing Emergency Service Networks guarantees SLA in terms of resilience and reliability.

Interconnection with other networks confer safety bodies with the level of flexibility, coordination and fast response required in emergency situations.

The need for new data based applications and multimedia communications for public safety operations requires a broadband communications system. In case of major incidents, the number of simultaneous active first responders in a limited area can be considerable.

OPEX and CAPEX approaches are fully available to our clients to offer them flexibility along the duration of the contract. As a service modality is one of our client’s preferred option and implies OPEX saving due to the control and monitoring of equipment.